Hassan Whiteside Regrets ‘Bulls**t’ Lineup Comments

Hassan Whiteside expressed regret after being fined over an expletive-filled rant, during which he tore into the Miami Heat’s “bulls**t” small-ball lineups.

Whiteside blamed frustration over losing to the visiting Brooklyn Nets in overtime for his blowup.

Head coach Erik Spoelstra told reporters the team has moved past the incident.

Per the Palm Beach Post:

“I was just frustrated, man,” Whiteside said after Monday’s practice. “I was frustrated that we lost. I really wanted to get that game.”

Does Whiteside regret anything he said?

“Yeah, because I could have handled it different,” he said. “But I got so caught up in wanting to get that win. I get real competitive. I really want to be out there. But I just trust coach’s decision.”