Head-Exploding Rumor: Ron Artest to Detroit?!

by Marcel Mutoni

Yes, friends, you read that headline correctly.

There’s now talk of a proposed trade between the Pistons and Kings that would see the man who jump-started the most infamous brawl of the modern sports era head to the city where said brawl occured.

The Sacramento Bee’s Sam Amick has the thin, but mind-blowing details.

Could this be why Artest was so interested in interviewing brawl instigator John Green a while back? It would be a brilliant PR move if the Pistons were looking to put a package together for Artest.

And from what I was told from one source close to the Pistons, they are. I’ve yet to get this info from more than one person, so stay tuned.

Obviously, were this madness to occur, it would be one of the greatest (and most absurdly hilarious) developments in League history. Which means it’ll likely never happen.

Joe Dumars vowed to make big changes in Detroit this summer; I can think of no bigger (or, certainly, crazier) one than this.