Headbands and cursing

By Sam Rubenstein

Three more real quick things I want to give you the links to.

1. The Association has visual proof of how stupid the Bulls are being in this whole headband mess. Not that Ben Wallace is being such a grown-up either. Ah… I’m glad someone else is writing about it. Otherwise I may start saying predictable things like “Headbands? We’re talking about headbands?” Ben’s quote: “I’m man enough to take the punishment. But I’m not sorry.” He’s talking like he’s going to prison. Man enough to not feel bad about wearing a headband. I think that may have been in Footloose.

2. Chris Sheridan is all over the Steph-Isiah conflict as well as the aforementioned headband situation. The guy is a professional. I have about 10 seconds worth of patience for each of these “stories.” That’s why he’s The Insider.

3. I listened to a recent Basketball Jones podcast with special guest Kelly Dwyer from SI.com. Hilarious. Either he wrote a script and rehearsed, or the man has a command of the English language that I’m jealous of. By “english language” I mean creatively phrased curses.