Hey, NBA: Dirk Would Like News of His Suspensions Sooner

by Marcel Mutoni

As you know, Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki was recently suspended after he elected to introduce his right elbow to Matt Harpring’s ruggedly handsome face. Disco Dirk wasn’t necessarily mad at the League office’s decision; it was the way they went about it that got under his skin.

According to the former MVP, Stu Jackson wasn’t man enough to contact him personally (he had some lowly assistant do his dirty work) so they could discuss what took place in Utah on Friday night. From NBA.com:

“They couldn’t tell us Saturday because the investigations took so long, so I thought that was a joke,” Nowitzki said after the Dallas’ record-setting rally to beat Minnesota 107-100 Tuesday night.

“He never called me,” Nowitzki said of Jackson. “I was going to tell him a few stories, but nowadays it’s NBA security, some assistant or whatever, and they just write down what you have to say. They can really scratch it out, because they do what they do anyway. I don’t know why they interview you anymore. They walk you through the whole spiel and what you were thinking, what you saw and you tell them, and then you get suspended anyways. I might not even call them back next time.”

I certainly hope you’re listening, Stu. Dirk better get a personal call before noon today announcing that his next paycheck is going to be lighter thanks to his criticism of you and your methods.