Hollinger has a list too

By Sam Rubenstein

John Hollinger, Mr. Player Efficiency, has his own list of the best players in the NBA. Ours stops at 50 and we add an element of theatrics to it by revealing the names one day at a time. We have funny photos too.

He has a computer program and I believe every single player in the NBA ranked from 1 to how ever far the list goes. Basically, if this were a commercial we’re the Mac guy and he’s the PC. Out of kindness, I will type out his top 30 for you, and if someone would like to undertake the task of going through it and adding the rest, that would be terrific. I’m also typing it in reverse order cause it’s more dramatic that way.
30. Gerald Wallace

29. Rashard Lewis

28. Jermaine O’Neal

27. Ray Allen

26. Vince

25. Big Z

24. Ginobili

23. Billups

22. Tony Parker

21. Paul Pierce

20. Bosh

19. Nash

18. Duncan

17. Melo

16. Yao

15. Shawn Marion

14. Kirilenko

13. Brand

12. T-Mac

11. Shaq

10. Iverson

9. Arenas

8. Gasol

7. Chris Paul

6. KG

5. Wade

4. Amare

3. Dirk

2. Kobe

1. LeBron

Someone fill in the rest. Though I doubt you will.