How Bad Is Andrew Bogut’s Ankle Injury?

by August 21, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Bogut will undergo an MRI today to determine the severity of his ankle injury, one he suffered while playing against Team USA yesterday in Beijing. As he made his way towards the locker room, the Aussie big man did a little self-diagnosis and said something no one in Wisconsin wanted to hear.

Least of all, the folks in the Milwaukee Bucks’ front office.

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Andrew Bogut, limping heavily toward Australia’s locker room, said he feared the worst.

“I think it’s a ligament,” Bogut said.

As in “torn ligament”; as in “uh-oh”.

Bogut injured himself when his left ankle landed awkwardly on Kobe Bryant’s foot, and the man who signed a rather large contract extension last month did not return to the game.

While everyone waits for the MRI results, Australia’s team doctor said the injury was unrelated to the foot sprain that caused Bogut to miss 16 games in 2007.