In Court, David Stern Goes to Bat for Clay Bennett

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s no secret that David Stern is a big fan of Clay Bennett, and that’s why it should come as no surprise that the Commish is doing everything he can to protect his Oklahoman buddy.

Stern and the League is coming to the aid of Bennett as he fights off a lawsuit by Howard Schultz, the former Sonics owner who wants the 2006 sale of the team to Bennett rescinded, and for the Sonics and WNBA Storm to be placed in a collective trust.

Sayeth The Seattle Times:

The NBA filed a motion Tuesday with U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman in Seattle to intervene in Howard Schultz’s lawsuit to rescind the 2006 sale of the Sonics to an Oklahoma City ownership group.


In Tuesday’s motion, the NBA also submitted several exhibits, including documents that outline the league’s procedures for transferring control of a team. According to the league constitution, if the Sonics sale were rescinded, the team would be put “under the management and control” of NBA commissioner David Stern.

The last sentence in the blocked-off quote is key, and serves as the irony of ironies.

If there’s one place where I wouldn’t bet against David Stern, it’s the court of law. As a trained lawyer, the man knows his stuff. Looks like it’s Game Over, Schultz.