Is Kwame Brown Better Than Andrew Bynum?

by Marcel Mutoni

The above, of course, is a completely ridiculous question. Kwame is nowhere near Andrew’s class as a basketball player; once dude learns how to catch a ball, then maybe we can begin having a discussion. So, why isn’t Andrew Bynum’s starting spot etched in stone?

In Cleveland to play (and lose to) the Cavs last night, head coach Phil Jackson refused to say who’d be his starting center once Kwame returns from his knee injury.

“I have no comment on that because I haven’t really seen Kwame play,” Jackson said. “I would imagine Kwame would go back to being a starter. I’m not going to make a comment on that yet.”

Phil, long known for engaging in psychological warfare with his players and opponents alike, could simply be playing mind games with young Andrew to keep him motivated.

I sure hope that’s all it is, because I don’t think I could continue to support this team if Bynum is coming off the bench.