Is the NBA Ready for Two Artests?

by July 11, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-Daniel Artest, Ron Ron’s younger brother, is trying to make it into the League. Dude thinks he can ball.

“Nobody, really, because I don’t think nobody could do what I do,” he told me. “A lot of people try to compare me to like a Chuck Hayes or whatever, but he can’t do what I can do. I can shoot that ball. I can shoot that rock. I can ball. I can get it.”

(Please, if there is a God, let us have another Artest in our beloved lig.)

-There are a bunch of Canadian hoop dreamers taking part in Summer League action.

-J.R. Smith is trying to put the pieces back together following a tragic car accident on June 9th. His good buddy Carmelo Anthony is helping him get back on the right track and has invited Smith to his basketball camp.

“Something like this is a good way to get your confidence back, get your mind right,” Anthony said. “We all know the situation that happened. When it happened, it felt like a lot of people just automatically turned their back on him. Things like that can happen to anybody. I just wanted to be there for him.”

-I’m not sure if I’m prepared to live in a world where Marcus Banks is allowed to score 42 points. I don’t care if it’s just the Summer League.

-Renaldo Balkman continues to impress, and he is working to fix his broken jumper.