Is Zach Randolph on the Trading Block or Not?

by Marcel Mutoni

It depends on who you listen to, I guess

According to John Canzano of The Oregonian, the Knicks are looking to shop their southpaw big man.

NBA source told me via telephone on Wednesday night that Zach Randolph is on the trading block, and that he’s likely to end up in Milwaukee.

Randolph’s numbers have taken a hit this season and he has struggled while playing alongside Eddy Curry, but I’d be really surprised if the Knicks got of him so quickly.

You don’t just trade away a potential 20/10 guy unless you’re getting a whole lot in return, something I don’t think the Bucks – what, they’re gonna give away Charlie V. and Andrew Bogut for him? – can offer at the moment.

Isiah Thomas, fresh off avoiding a suspension for making contact with a ref, says Z-Bo isn’t going anywhere. Thomas also claims that every player on the Knicks roster is “untouchable” as the trade deadline looms. I can’t even come up with an appropriate joke here, that’s just pitiful.