Isiah: Uncut

by October 12, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

I love the Knicks. Seriously, their mere presence alone makes following the NBA about 37% more fun. Even though their play on the court, not to put too fine a point on it, is less than inspiring, they always find a way to entertain off of it.

They’re arrogant, defiant, and when cornered, they do the sensible thing: Blame the media.

MSG has set up an Isiah blog; they’re calling it Isiah Uncut. You know, since the evil NYC media is always misconstruing what Zeke says and making him look bad.

Question: How important was it to win tonight’s game?

Thomas: For us, every time we win a basketball game, it counts. We want to win every game. We understand that we have a lot of work to do, but we’re prepared to do the work.

Question: Does it feel good to be back at the practice facility back in New York?

Thomas: It definitely feels good to be back in your sanctuary in terms of the basketball court. Our guys are looking forward to playing in the Garden tomorrow night. I think we’ll have a big crowd and I’m excited to just do good things out on the floor. We had a pretty rough practice today, and our guys are pretty psyched.

Let me tell ya, that’s some brutal, hard-hitting stuff!

MSG, if you’re going to call something “Uncut”, at least have the decency to throw in a B-word or two. It’s the way Isiah would’ve wanted it.

(Via: Knicks Clicks)