Isiah vs Marbury: Round (I’ve Lost Count)

by March 04, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Yesterday, Isiah Thomas had promised everyone that Stephon Marbury’s ban from The Garden had been lifted and that the injured point guard would be in the building. Marbury was of course a no-show, and today, there’s renewed talk of filing a grievance against the organization. From Newsday:

Union lawyers and staff have been discussing Marbury’s situation during the past two days and are weighing their options, including a grievance on Marbury’s behalf.

According to the Players Association, the Knicks should buy out the Artist Formerly Known as Starbury if they no longer want him around. This is probably the wisest move, considering that hardly anyone will want him in a trade next season.

In other Knicks news: Isiah’s job appears to be on the line again, which can only mean one thing, and one thing alone: He’ll continue to be gainfully employed by the Knicks for the foreseeable future.