Jamaal Tinsley Traded to Denver

by Marcel Mutoni

Unofficially, the Jamaal Tinsley Era in Indiana ended months ago. Officially, he was still on the roster, but everyone knew he was persona non grata in the locker room. Hell, the team even removed his nameplate from his stall, and basically told him not to show up for work anymore. This is no longer an issue for Larry Bird and company.

Jamaal Tinsley was shipped off to Denver in exchange for Chucky Atkins and Stephen Hunter.

From the Viper over at the NY Post:

Locked-out Pacers point Jamaal Tinsley was traded to the Nuggets for Chuckie Atkins and Stephen Hunter.

Denver assumes his $21M, 3-year debt. Atkins is due $3.24M and $3.48M while Hunter is guaranteed $3.86M and $3.69M. Less than half of their total salary remaining is guaranteed.

I love that in his story, Vescey goes out of his way to point out that Tinsley didn’t initiate any of the three “violent encounters” he was involved in the last few years.

It should be noted that Atkins recently underwent knee surgery, and isn’t expected back on the court for another month or so. He could have gotten his leg amputated and the Pacers would have probably still pulled the trigger on this deal.

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