Jamal Crawford’s Agent Isn’t Enjoying the Don Nelson Experience

by Marcel Mutoni

The Golden State Warriors aren’t going anywhere fast this season, so head coach Don Nelson is going to give the youngsters a chance to shine by cutting some of the vets’ minutes.

Said vets include newly-acquired Jamal Crawford, who will sit out tonight’s ballgame against Charlotte, and his agent is not handling the shift in his client’s playing time well. From the Mercury News:

“Jamal wants to play,” Goodwin said. “That’s what he came here for. If the coach doesn’t want to play him, he should have a valid reason why he doesn’t want to play him.”

“What is the message that Coach Nelson is sending the team? That he does not care about winning?” Goodwin said. “You would think, in this day and time, when fans work hard to pay for these tickets, that the coach would field the best possible team. Jamal may not score 50 points on the Bobcats again, but he would work hard to get a win and reward the fans for their loyalty to this team in this hard time…”As an agent and a longtime fan of the Warriors, I totally disagree with this.”

For what it’s worth, Crawford says he will not question his coach’s decisions. That’s his agent’s job.