James Dolan Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Make Decisions

by Marcel Mutoni

If you knew nothing about what has become of the New York Knicks (a once proud and successful franchise) over the last decade or so, you would certainly have been stunned to discover that they elected to try their luck in court during the messy Anucha Browne Sanders trial this summer.

The logical (and obvious) move would’ve been to settle out of court and shut this thing down before the ravenous NYC media got a hold of it and made you out to look even stupider than you really are. Of course, we’re dealing with the James Dolan-led Knicks; logic is apparently against company policy.

According to a report in the NY Daily News, Isiah Thomas and others in the MSG hierarchy wanted to settle the matter out of court, but Dolan decided against it:

According to a source close to the case, Thomas, his attorneys and a Garden official felt a settlement would spare Thomas and the Knicks an embarrassing trial that could cost the franchise more than just monetary damages.

The one dissenting voice, however, was the only voice that mattered.

“Jim didn’t want to settle,” said the source.


In other Knicks news: Rev. Al Sharpton (why does his opinion matter again?) is undecided as to whether or not he’ll protest their games. And after hearing of Marbury’s vow to shoot the basketball an ungodly amount of times this season, Isiah warns his point guard to find the target early and often.

(By the way, the Knicks kick off their season tonight in Cleveland. I’m giddy.)