Jason Kidd Has a Feisty Agent

by February 12, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

And by “feisty”, I mean he’s kind of a jerk. According to published reports, Kidd’s agent is threatening to sabotage future dealings with the team if the Nets don’t trade his client to a title contender.

With the trading deadline only 10 days away, the Nets’ superstar guard has sent word, via his agent, Jeff Schwartz, that the Nets had better not try to send him to any team but a contender if they decide to move the face of the franchise. Nets sources said the message came with the warning that Schwartz will steer other clients away from New Jersey in the future if they try to send Kidd to a lottery team.

There’s playing hardball, and then there’s being outright dumb. If there’s any truth to the rumor, then Mr. Schwartz’s tactics would fall into the latter category.

For what it’s worth, with suitors like Mark Cuban having seemingly pulled out of the bidding, Jason Kidd looks like he’s going to remain in New Jersey for the remainder of the season.

(Thanks to reader Gerard for the tip.)