JaVale McGee Hopes to Re-Sign in Golden State

by June 26, 2018

Free agent center JaVale McGee wants to re-up with the reigning NBA champions, and to play in the Bay Area for the rest of his career.

McGee says he hasn’t considered joining any other team.

The big fella joined the Golden State Warriors’ starting lineup following the All-Star break.


“I haven’t thought about [another team] mainly because, hopefully, in my mind, I’m a Warrior for the rest of my career,” he said to ESPN on Monday, six days before the free-agency period begins on July 1. “If that happens, it would be a blessing.”

McGee, who made $2.1 million on a minimum contract this past season, remembers when he realized he wanted to try to make the Bay Area his long-term home.

“This year, in the Finals,” he said. “Just all of us out there together, especially the starting five. The cohesion that we had when I was in the game, it speaks for itself. We swept ’em. So, it was definitely a beautiful thing and it just felt right. It was just so smooth when I was inserted in there. It was a lot of fun. I want to continue experiencing that.”