Jayson Tatum: Celtics ‘Should Have Swept’ the Sixers

Jayson Tatum told Sixers center Joel Embiid that Boston should have swept his team during their second round playoff series.

Tatum laments that the Celtics let Philly win a game.

Tatum won’t deny that “animosity” exists between the two squads.

Per NBC Sports Boston:

“I just kept reminding him that we almost swept them,” said Tatum. “We should have swept them but we let them win one game.”

After playing a whopping 11 times last season — two preseason, four regular season, five postseason games — these two teams won’t need much of a reintroduction.

“Definitely some animosity,” said Tatum. “We won, so they are probably a little more fired up or angry than we are, but we’re excited to play. We had a lot of good matchups with them last year, a lot of great battles, especially in the playoffs.”

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