Jeff Green: Lance Stephenson ‘Did Step on My Foot’

Jeff Green shrugged off a crossover from Lance Stephenson that sent him stumbling backwards, and threw NBA social media into a frenzy Tuesday night.

“I can confirm that he did step on my foot,” Green told reporters.

Stephenson’s ankle-breaker highlighted the Los Angeles Lakers’ 124-106 blowout of the visiting Washington Wizards.

Per The WaPo:

Even Lakers guard Rajon Rondo joked about turning into an orthopedic specialist on Green’s behalf.

“I kind of said something to him at halftime, I checked his ankles,” Rondo said. “Making sure he was okay. He was fine.”

Green did not trip due to being crossed over. When Stephenson made his final move in dribbling the ball between his legs, his right foot stepped onto Green’s left. Green saw the Lakers’ bench reaction and heard the roar of the Staples Center crowd. However, following the game, Green probably got a better sense of the play’s impact after checking Twitter. The word ‘Lance’ trended for most of the night. So, when asked about the play, Green smiled and played along.

“I can confirm that he did step on my foot,” Green said. “But you know, run with it. I don’t care. He ‘crossed me.’ If that makes everybody happy.”