Jermaine O’Neal in the Big Apple?

by February 08, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The Pacers and Jermaine O’Neal are no longer a good fit for one another, and it’s a widely accepted fact that Indy is trying its best to move the gimpy power forward. And from the sound of things, Jermaine wouldn’t mind playing for his old coach, Isiah Thomas, again.

“I think in this business you got to be willing to believe at some point, if your team struggles you are going to be traded,” O’Neal said after the Pacers handed the Knicks their seventh straight loss on Wednesday night. “I would accept it.”

A past-his-prime player making an absurd amount of money? Why, that sounds like a perfect match for the Knicks!

Everyone knows J.O and Isiah are friends, but I’d like to think that even friendship has its limits. With Isiah and the people fiercely loyal (and often, ridiculously so) to him, it doesn’t seem to be the case.