Jerry Colangelo to the Rescue?

by Marcel Mutoni

The man who helped to transform the Phoenix Suns into one of the best franchises in the sports world (and was recently inducted into the Suns’ Ring of Honor for his troubles recently) has expressed interest in turning the Knicks’ fortunes around.

Colangelo has told friends that he would welcome the chance to come to the Garden, even more than going home to Chicago. Colangelo thinks that if he can turn around the laughingstock Knicks and build them into a championship team, it would be his crowning achievement.

“Jerry looks at that as his legacy,” said an old friend.

What Colangelo was able to accomplish in Phoenix during his thirty years of service is incredible, and he is undoubtedly very good at his job. Turning the Knicks into championship contenders, however, might be too tall a task for any one man.

Speaking of the moribund franchise, Charles Dolan, the man who signs most of the checks at MSG, reportedly told David Stern that he has bigger fish to fry than the New York Knicks at the moment. Leadership!