JJ Redick: ‘This Was Probably My Favorite Year Of My Career’

by May 10, 2018

JJ Redick has enjoyed plenty of on-court success over his 11-year career, not once missing out on the playoffs on each of the four squads he’s played with. The 33-year-old sharpshooter said this season, his first in Philadelphia, stands out amongst the rest, though:

“This was probably my favorite year of my career. Playing in Philly is its own experience. The buzz about this team was amazing.”

He prefaced that statement by noting it wasn’t his intention to offend any of his prior stops.

Redick is facing free agency after playing on a one-year deal worth $23,000,000 this season and added he hopes he can be back in the City of Brotherly Love next season:

“We all hope that I am back. The (contract) numbers can get tricky. It’s not my job to worry about that.”