John Salley: ‘If I Smoked Marijuana While I Was Playing, I Probably Still Would Be Playing’

by August 30, 2016

The topic of athletes using marijuana as an alternative to prescription painkillers has become a big deal in the sports world. As weed becomes decriminalized and legalized in several states across the country, the use of the drug has become less and less taboo.

Former NBA player John Salley believes that medical marijuana can help professional athletes prolong their careers and thinks that it is ridiculous that college athletes are getting in trouble for having small amounts of pot. Salley also believes that his playing days would have been extended had he began smoking at an earlier date.


I am a proponent and I believe in the advocacy of medical marijuana. We see football players in Alabama getting busted. We see – we need to get it out. We need to move it and realize that is something that can help the human body.

It helps athletes. I didn’t start smoking until my last two months before I was a pro. And I believe if I would’ve smoked while I was playing, I probably still would be playing.

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