Joumana Kidd Unloads

by Marcel Mutoni

You knew it was only a matter of time before Joumana Kidd spilled her guts about her failed marriage to Nets guard Jason Kidd, and boy did she ever. I’m going to just copy and paste the words directly from The Smoking Gun website, which has acquired the legal documents:

According to Joumana, 34, Kidd has engaged in extramarital affairs with “several different television reporters,” as well as strippers in Arizona, Sacramento, Miami, Dallas and Indiana, a Nets season ticket holder, a Nets employee, and a cheerleader in New Orleans.

Joumana also contends that she recently discovered a prepaid cell phone of his containing text messages and naked photos sent by various women. Joumana portrays Kidd, 33, as a masochistic binge drinker and excessive gambler who began beating her even before the pair’s 1997 marriage.

She claims that Kidd assaulted her while she was pregnant with the couple’s first child and has struck her with everything from a large rock to a cookie. Once, after Kidd kicked her in the stomach causing blood to appear in her urine, Joumana alleges that he told her, “I don’t give a f–k.” She also claims that Kidd resorted to purchasing her expensive jewelry (a $585,000 pink diamond ring and a $550,000 diamond pendant) as a way to apologize for his marital infidelity.

Wow, I feel dirty after having just read that. Awful, awful stuff. The worst part is that this is likely only the beginning.

(Thanks to Deadspin for the find.)