JR Smith: Kevin Love Experiencing ‘The Chris Bosh Syndrome’

by May 04, 2018
kevin love chris bosh syndrome

JR Smith says that Kevin Love being the fall guy for the Cavaliers‘ struggles is a symptom of “the Chris Bosh Syndrome.”

During practice on Friday, Smith explained that Chris Bosh faced a similar situation alongside LeBron James in Miami (starting at 1:59):

Why do you think Kevin has been such a target for criticism over the past couple of years?

JR: “I think that’s the… That’s almost like the Chris Bosh Syndrome that Bron had with him in Miami.

“When things are going good, we going to give the credit to Bron. When things are going bad, we going to point the finger at the next in line. That’s just the way it is with playing with him.”

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