Karl Malone Likes Hunting…

by Lang Whitaker

Well, this is strange: Karl Malone is being accused in a lawsuit of trying to bribe (for $25K) a former business partner to take the blame in an illegal hunting accident.

According to the suit, the Mailman (via his brother-in-law) threatened to bring down a world of trouble on the former business partner if the business partner didn’t make an investigation go away. (Wonder if he just showed the businessman a photo of Isiah’s eyebrow after the Mailman caught him with that elbow?)

The Mailman’s lawyer denies the whole thing and says that this all came about because people want the Mailman’s cash. Then, on the heels of the 9/11 anniversary, Malone’s lawyer draws an unfortunate comparison between this lawsuit and…terrorism?: “We’ve dealt with this kind of extortion before. It’s a little like terrorism, you can’t buckle into it at any time or else it will prevail.”

From what I can tell, the whole accident was about Malone shooting at and missing an elk. Because he didn’t have the proper permits, this whole thing came about.

And shouldn’t the Mailman stay away from anything even remotely related to hunting from now on?