Kenny Smith: Rockets Would’ve Beaten the Jordan Bulls

Houston used a two-year window when Michael Jordan left the NBA to whiff at curveballs in minor league baseball to win a pair of championships, and according to Kenny Smith, the Rockets would’ve been the only team to take down MJ and the Bulls in the Finals.

Smith says that Houston, which enjoyed regular season success against Chicago in the 1990s, “wouldn’t have been scared.”

”Even if a good, healthy Michael takes them to seven and maybe wins we would’ve beat the Bulls without a question,” Smith told Scoop B Radio.

“They didn’t match up well with us and during those years that they were actually winning championships, which wasn’t the playoffs. We were 8-2 against them during those years. We matched up well with them. We wouldn’t have been scared I tell you that much.”

Scottie Pippen fired back at Smith, saying he would’ve completely shut him down had the two squads met in the championship round:

“He forgot what my role was,” Pippen said on ESPN.

“I cut the heads off of snakes.”

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