Kevin Durant: Blake Griffin ‘Not Playing Like a Traditional Big’

by December 03, 2018

Kevin Durant says Blake Griffin is no traditional big man.

Griffin, who scored 26 points in the Pistons’ 111-102 win Saturday night against the visiting Golden State Warriors, is harder-than-ever to defend according to KD.

Stephen Curry adds that Griffin’s game has become “more dynamic” since he re-located to Detroit.

Per The Athletic:

“Blake is not playing like a traditional big, in my opinion,” Durant said. “He’s shooting a lot of 3s and handling the ball in pick-and-roll at the top of the key. But to have two big guys that you just can’t switch anybody on, that’s the new evolution of going back to the two bigs. You have bigs that go to the perimeter, shoot 3s and initiate offense, but, also, score in the post and play in the pick-and-roll as a roll man.

“I think Blake is well-rounded as a player, and he’s getting better every single year. He’s adding the step-back 3, the off-the-dribble 3, and it’s making him tough to guard.”

The Warriors are very familiar with Griffin, as he was a division foe for nearly a decade, but the Pistons’ version is just a little bit different.

“From my vantage point, he did a lot of (facilitating), at times (in Los Angeles), but … obviously, he had [Chris Paul] and he ran a lot of offense, but Blake ran the offense and was able to see the floor, get to his spots, and it was a lot of isolation-type stuff,” Curry said. “Obviously, he’s added a 3-point shot a little bit more, and that adds a different dimension.

“He’s a little bit more dynamic because you don’t know if it’s coming from the perimeter or the block, or whether to double-team or play one-on-one. He keeps you guessing.”

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