Kevin Durant: Dion Waiters’ Fault for Not Getting Bigger Contract

According to Kevin Durant, Dion Waiters has no one to blame but himself for not being able to negotiate for more than $52 million over four seasons with the Heat this summer.

KD says Waiters “knows” it’s his fault for not getting a bigger payday.

Durant believes his former teammate could have had his breakout much sooner.

Per The Ringer:

Are you ready to play in a league where Dion Waiters has a $52 million contract?
Durant: “Hell yeah. He should have got more. … But he knows that his fault.”

He knows, why?
Durant: “He could have got more. He fucked around.”

You thought he waited too long?
Durant: “Nah, nah, he’s supposed to be better. He know that. He waited too long to do what he’s doing in Miami I think.”

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