Kevin Durant: ‘I Could Have Easily Signed a Long-Term Deal’

by September 25, 2018

Kevin Durant says he “could have easily” inked a long-term deal with Golden State this summer, but prefers to take things “season by season.”

Durant insists that he’s focused entirely on the season ahead wih the Warriors, and will worry about his free agency next summer.

The reigning, back-to-back NBA Finals MVP is looking forward to a “fun, exciting year” for the defending champs.

Per the San Fran Chronicle:

Not surprisingly, with so much excitement in the air as the interviews took place at the Warriors’ practice facility in Oakland, Durant wasn’t expansive about his future. He was completely dismissive in answering the first question, saying, “Wake up in the morning, go to practice, and go home. That’s it. Until I stop playing.”

When the subject came up again, he said, ‘It was just one of those things where you’re just confident in your skills, and you just want to take it year by year. I think to keep my options open was the best thing for me. I could have easily signed a long-term deal, but I just wanted to take it season by season and see where it takes me. I think this whole year is going to be a fun, exciting year for us all, and I’m looking forward to just focusing on that.”

Draymond Green makes a point of studying “the business side of the league.” He said, “I could be reading it wrong, but knowing that, I understand what he did. But we’re not going into the season saying, ‘K.D., one-year deal, what’s next?’ What’s next is this season. Trying to win another championship. We’ll see where it all ends up.”

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