Kevin Durant: ‘I’m Excited About This Group’

Kevin Durant is excited about the Nets’ roster, and says others will step up as he recovers from surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Durant adds that “this is a fresh start for everybody” in Brooklyn.

KD also gushed about new All-Star teammate Kyrie Irving.

Per The NY Post:

“I’m excited about this group,” Durant told sneakerhead/gaming influencer Chris Henderson in a YouTube video. “Obviously with me not starting off the season and obviously being injured, you’re going to see a lot of guys step up and do some things and go to another level as a player.”

Still, until Durant returns, much of the burden is going to fall on Kyrie Irving. Durant gushed about his fellow All-NBA star.

“He’ll make you feel a certain way when you watch him,” Durant said. “His movements, his mentality out there, his smarts for the game, his efficiency, he’s an all-around player.”

Durant also spoke about the Nets’ underrated depth and balance that they hope will let them stay afloat until his eventual return, whenever that may be.

“Like Caris [LeVert], Joe Harris, Taurean Prince, even the older guys like Garrett Temple, Kyrie, DeAndre [Jordan], I feel like everybody in this environment in going to step up, especially due to circumstances with me not being available,” Durant said. “I think everybody’s going to step up and take it to the next level. We’ve got great coaching, great front office, great fanbase that’s excited for something new. This is a fresh start for everybody, I feel.”

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