Kevin Durant: ‘No Lead is Safe’ vs. Houston

by May 01, 2019

Golden State is up 2-0 after beating Houston 115-109 in Game 2 of their second-round series Tuesday night, but Kevin Durant (who scored 29 points for the Warriors) knows that “no lead is safe.”

James Harden finished with 29 points in the Rockets’ loss despite “barely” being able to see after getting hit in both eyes early on in the game.

Stephen Curry shook off a dislocated his left middle finger in the first quarter, and X-rays came back negative.

Per The AP:

“I felt like both teams, both coaches, just let the refs do their jobs all night,” Durant said. “I think the refs did an amazing job, the players did a great job, and the coaches.”

Durant scored 29 points and established an early defensive tone against Harden, leading the Warriors past the Rockets 115-109 on Tuesday night as the focus refreshingly returned to basketball after two days of constant chatter about the officiating.

“Tonight I think it was a great officiated game,” Golden State’s Draymond Green said. “They let us be physical, both teams, and they made the calls they needed to make. It was kind of disheartening for a game that I love since I was a child to see the talk over the last two days was nothing about basketball and everything about foul calls. Is that what this game is coming to?”

Harden got hit in both eyes early but was able to return and finished with 29 points and seven rebounds.

“I barely could see,” said Harden, who was treated with eye drops.

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