Kevin Durant On the GOAT Debate Between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

Another chapter in the GOAT debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James was written after Kevin Durant gave his unique take on the age-old discussion.

Instead of arguing for who is better between the two, Durant is among a few who dismiss the argument because the MJ and LBJ will never play against each other. He also gave both their flowers when he talked about seeing two of the greatest players to ever play in the League at the NBA75 celebration this past All-Star weekend.

“They’re both unique and sitting in their own different areas of greatness,” Durant said. “And when you see everybody in the same room like that, you realize, why the hell are we always comparing these guys?”

Frequently, the debate will get intense between stans of both all-time greats. Signature moments, Finals wins, clutch factors, the fear they instilled into their opponents all come up in arguments over the GOAT. For some, the fact that the Black Cat went undefeated in the NBA Finals and is perhaps the player the most synonymous with being clutch and excellence in professional basketball cements him above all else.

The case for Bron boils down to his 10 Finals appearances, including eight straight with the Heat and Cavaliers. His longevity and the fact he continues to play at a high level at 37-years-old also build his case. Don’t get it twisted either. James is clutch, too; he has the most career playoff buzzer beaters with five and has also hit 97 go-ahead/game-tying shots in the final minute of games, the second-most in NBA history behind only Kobe Bryant.