Kevin Garnett: 2010 Celtics ‘Broke’ LeBron James

The Celtics “broke” LeBron James in the 2010 NBA Playoffs, forcing him to take his talents from Cleveland to South Beach that summer, according to Kevin Garnett.

“We didn’t fear LeBron,” says Garnett.

KG adds that the League didn’t want Boston to get past LeBron and the Miami Heat in their 2012 seven-game Eastern Conference Finals bloodbath.

Per The Ringer:

Celtics win in Miami [in 2012], and they’re talking all kinds of [expletive] to LeBron. All kinds of [expletive that whole game. Correct or incorrect? You’re trying to get into his head. You feel like you can break LeBron at this point.

Garnett: “We broke LeBron, so get your [expletive] out of here with that. You understand how he got to Cleveland, how he got to Miami, Bill? You remember that?”

Oh that’s true. You broke him in 2010. Fair enough.

Garnett: “OK, so remember that, alright? Stop bringing it up. So they was talking [expletive] to him, the media. And the league knew that they had an agenda in which we wasn’t a part of the agenda. And that’s how they ended up winning that series. Yeah, I said it…. Man listen, let me tell something to you. The C’s, we didn’t give a [expletive] about LeBron. We didn’t fear LeBron, and we didn’t think that he could beat all five of us. And that’s how it felt. He was trying to consolidate because he didn’t want the pressure on him. You understand?”

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