Love: ‘Rarefied Air’ Being Mentioned With Chris Bosh

by May 09, 2018
kevin love chris bosh rarefied air

Kevin Love was asked about being the Cavaliers‘ most frequent fall guy—or as JR Smith diagnosed, the “Chris Bosh Syndrome.”

Embracing the comparison to the 10-time All-Star, Love told reporters on Monday, “Being in the same breath as Chris Bosh […] that’s pretty rarefied air.”

“Being in the same breath as Chris Bosh—that’s a Hall of Famer, that’s a 10-time All-Star, that’s an NBA Champion two times. So that’s pretty rarefied air.” […]

“I know when we have success I might not get the credit and when we do lose or have a bad string of games, that I might get the blame. But that comes with the territory.

“At the end of the day, hopefully at the end of my career, they’ll look and say, ‘Wow, Kevin did a lot in Cleveland and did a lot for the city and brought a Championship here.’ And hopefully multiple Championships.”

JR Smith: Kevin Love Experiencing ‘The Chris Bosh Syndrome’