Kidd and LeBron: Daydreams

by Marcel Mutoni

As fans and observers of the League, it’s only normal (and natural) for us to daydream about our favorite players playing on the same team. While we can only assume that those players engage in the same fantasies, it’s really quite rare to hear them express it.

Jason Kidd, talking to, admitted that he and LeBron James have thought and talked about what it would be like if they played on the same squad:

Kidd admits that he and James daydream about contending for championships together in Cleveland. “There’s a little talk,” Kidd said.

“But I told him, ‘What-ifs can get you in trouble. You go out there and do your thing, and if I don’t get to play with you until this summer [at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing], then that’s the way it’s meant to be. But the big thing is for you to go out there and lead your team.’ And that’s what he’s doing.”

As wonderful as that combination would be, and as happy as it would make most of us (to say nothing of the two superstars), it’s highly unlikely that it’ll come to fruition anytime soon, if ever: LeBron’s deal with the Cavs runs out in 2010, and Kidd (who’s trying to make the best of the situation in Jersey) doesn’t become a free agent until after next season.