Kidd’s Anger

by Marcel Mutoni

Jason Kidd was already angry, and that was before his team lost its sixth straight ballgame and got its ass absolutely handed to them by the Jazz last night. Imagine how he feels this morning.

The Nets’ sublime floor leader is so disheartened by what he’s seeing from his teammates that he’s gloomily listening to some big-haired band from the ’80s that I’d previously never heard of. From beat writer Dave D’Alessandro’s blog:

“That’s what I’m listening to now – ‘Here I go again,'” Kidd said. “The same thing happens year after year.”

“We’re so quick to bail, in the sense of mentally letting go of the rope,” he said. “Actually we wouldn’t let go of the rope (last year), but this year we’re letting go of the rope. When we go down eight or nine, we can’t make a shot, or something happens and all of a sudden it goes to 20. It’s just disappointing.”

To give you a sense of just how despondent Kidd is, when a reporter mentioned that things in Jersey should get better when Vince Carter returns to the floor, here was Jason’s response: “We had him, but still we’re losing.” Ouch.

Sounds like it might be time to make that move out west, Jason Kidd. Yes, in case you were wondering, the last sentence was written by the shameless Laker fan in me.