Klay Thompson Felt ‘Close to Unstoppable’ Prior to Torn ACL

Klay Thompson felt he was at the absolute peak of his powers before suffering a torn ACL in Game 6 of the NBA Finals this past summer.

Thompson says the traumatic injury is “just the humbling part of sports.”

Klay adds that he believes the Golden State Warriors will remain a potent force, and still have a five-year window as title contenders.

Per The Athletic:

“I felt like the best version I’ve ever felt of myself in that NBA Finals,” Thompson said Thursday. “I kid you not.”

This was different than his past feats. Thompson imposed his will in a way even he noticed was a level up.

“I think about that every day,” Thompson said. He sat straight up and shook his head. “That’s just the humbling part of sports — when you feel like you’re at your best, something traumatic can happen. But I honestly felt like I was at the peak of my NBA career up to that point. I was at my best. The way I was shooting the ball, the way I was playing defense. I felt like I was one of the best players out there. In past series, or Finals, you know, I’ve been able to defer. But in that series, I felt like I was just, like, as close to unstoppable as I’ve ever been.”

On being underdogs again, teamed, as always, with Stephen Curry and Draymond Green:

Thompson: “It’s going to be fun, and I love the dudes we got. We’ve got a young team. I’m excited for D’Angelo (Russell), for him to come to a winner. I’m excited for Willie Cauley-Stein, who is super talented and I know he’s hungry. I’m excited for Loon (Kevon Looney). He’s coming into his own. I’m seeing him in Japan running camps and stuff and that man might’ve spoken 30 words in the last four years. To see him leading drills and teaching and coming into his own, I can see the confidence he has. I’m just excited, man. Obviously, we know Steph and Dray and me. Jordan (Poole) is talented. I watched him in summer league. He’s got skills. It will be fun.”

On people writing them off:

Thompson: “That’s fine. That’s sports. I don’t just think we’re going to be nice this year. I think we’ve got a five-year window. We’re still so young, man. People get lost thinking, “Oh, they’re 30 now.” I feel younger than ever.”

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