Knicks Fans Are to Blame

by Marcel Mutoni

… According to the Knicks, that is.

In a bizarre scene during last night’s home loss to the Mavs, Isiah Thomas reportedly admonished fans in the expensive seats for failing to support his squad.

Longtime season-ticket holder Mara Altschuler claimed that Thomas blamed the fans for the Knicks’ problems. When some fans began chanting Jeff Van Gundy’s name, Thomas replied, “You ran him out of here as well,” according to Altschuler.

The fans in the Mecca can be brutal, this everyone knows, but I doubt their cheers can inspire Eddy Curry to hit the glass harder. Nice try, Zeke.

Zach Randolph, the Knicks’ prized offseason acquisition, seems to be the one most shaken the hometown fans’ lustful boos

“It’s real hard,” Randolph said of the caustic atmosphere. “I ain’t never been in a situation like that, and I don’t understand. I guess they say it’s New York fans. But it’s real tough.”

Hang in there, Zach. It’ll all be over very soon. Or not.

Stern Forces Settlement: The Commish reportedly made the Knicks settle the sexual harassment case with Anucha Browne Sanders. She was awarded $11.5 million.