Kobe Bryant Asking for $1 Million Per Month to Play in Turkey?

by July 19, 2011

According to the Turkish press, Kobe wants some serious dough on a monthly basis in order to take his talents to Turkey during the NBA lockout (where Deron Williams will reportedly make $5 million for the season.) From ESPN (via NTV Spor): “The Turkish team that recently reached an agreement to sign All-Star guard Deron Williams if the NBA lockout drags on has placed its pursuit of Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant on hold, according to an overseas report. Turkey’s NTV Spor reported Monday that Besiktas’ basketball funds have been tied up by the match-fixing scandal that has ripped through the Turkish soccer world, forcing Besiktas to search for outside funding to help with the further pursuit of NBA players. According to NTV Spor, Besiktas was initially prepared to offer Bryant a monthly salary of $500,000. But Bryant, according to the report, is seeking a monthly salary of $1 million to join Williams.”