Kobe Bryant to Play in Drew League/Goodman League Exhibition?

by August 17, 2011

After his electric performance last night to close out the Drew League’s season, Kobe Bryant may have a tad more streetball action left in him. Hoopsworld has sources saying Bean might suit up in the big Drew League vs Goodman League clash this weekend: “Bryant would finish with 45 points and arguably the most exciting game-winning shot of the summer. It wasn’t long before Bryant was a trending topic on Twitter and video of his shot circulated around the internet. While his performance generated plenty of buzz, there was even more talk about whether or not he would play in the showdown between the Drew League and Goodman League this Saturday. Yesterday’s game was part All-Star game to conclude the pro-am’s season and part scrimmage for this weekend’s ‘Capital Punishment’ event that will feature the best players from the Drew and Goodman leagues. Many of the players from yesterday’s game will make the trip to Washington, DC including DeMar DeRozan, James Harden, Craig Smith and Pooh Jeter … The fact that Bryant was playing in this game fueled the rampant rumors that he’ll suit up for the Drew League at Trinity University. Sources say that Bryant has yet to decide whether or not he wants to play in the star-studded exhibition game, but he is considering it. Many of the players involved in the game are represented by Bryant’s agent Rob Pelinka including Harden, Davis and Williams, which is one of the many reasons that the rumor appears to have legs.”