Kobe Seems a Lot Happier This Summer

by June 20, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

From the sound of things, it doesn’t appear as though we’ll be getting treated to anything resembling last summer’s epic parking lot “Ship His Ass Out!” amateur video from one Kobe Bryant; the guy sounds a lot more enthused about the direction his Lakers are taking these days.

Following his exit meeting with GM Mitch Kupchak and head coach Phil Jackson, Bryant said all of the right things to the press corps.

“I’m comfortable with what we have,” he said. “Whatever Mitch decides to do, he decides to do. It’s more of a relaxing summer for me because I know we have an opportunity to win. It’s exciting.

“We know we got close and came up a little bit short. I’m excited about the opportunity to get back next year if we’re fortunate enough and have a different result.”

I suppose the obvious question then becomes, What happens if Bynum isn’t fully healthy next season, and the Lakers continue to be soft in the middle, and defenses steal a chapter from the Celtics’ playbook and simply load up on Kobe, forcing his young teammates to try and beat them?

Better keep that video camera close by, just in case.