Kwame? Kwame Brown? Is that you?

By Sam Rubenstein

The site wasn’t working until right before I gave it one last try on the way out. And now it is. Such is life in a world where A-Rod is clutch, it is 85 degrees and beautiful one day and monsooning a few days after that, and Kwame Brown helps the Lakers dig out of an impossible hole. I wrote this earlier this morning so here it is.

There was a play where Kwame Brown was under the basket all alone after Kobe took the double team with him. He found Kwame with a laser delivery. Kwame caught it with two hands, jumped and dunked it through the rim.

It’s a play that any NBA or college center routinely makes. But this was Kwame Brown, who many of us have spent the last few days joking about what a bust he is to put it kindly, and how Phil Jackson was pretty much throwing the series by leaving him out there. Well, Kwame came through for his team like the #1 overall draft pick should. Not quite at that level, but he did have 19 and 6 and played hurt. Lamar Odom gave the team 18 and 16, and all of this means that when Kobe gets some help… look out.

The Suns quickly had a 17 point lead and the Lakers fans were booing. This was a dead series. Kobe stepped up, got the help he needed, and 45-6-6 later, it was 2-1 with Game 4 coming Sunday afternoon. Mike D’Antoni was very complementary of his Italian speaking paisan “You’ve got to give them credit. Things were so easy at the beginning. Human nature took over. Kobe down the stretch was too much to handle.” Mutoni has much much more, and I’m sure he’s pretty excited about this.

The Jazz stayed alive with an 81-67 win. Jeff Van Gundy in the playoffs leading a team to less than 70 points brings back memories. But as Tony Soprano would say “Remember when is the lowest form of conversation” followed by a fat man’s breathing and a burp. Players not named Yao, Tracy, or Shane scored 6 points total. Utah didn’t shoot so great themselves, but when you hold a team to 67, you’re in pretty good shape. No sweep there.

And then… finally there’s the Orlando Magic. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. If the NBA absolutely has to have 16 playoff teams, I move that there should be 10 from the West and 6 from the East. Instead of the Magic and Wizards (funny how the Eastern conference road kill teams both have mystical names) the Clippers and Hornets would be in. At least they’d have a chance. And this would put an end to the so-called East coast bias. Congratulations to the Detroit Pistons for taking care of business and resting up for round 2. Sure, there is still a game 4 to play. But really, is there?

It is monsooning outside, and there was thunder so loud last night it woke me up out of my sleep. That irks me. The slamonline site was down for a while this morning, and I blame it on not being able to handle Kwame Brown, positive playoff contributor. Also irks me.

Hey the rain just stopped. What is going on?!?!?