Kyle Lowry: ‘I Will Be Happy for Kawhi Leonard When He Makes His Decision’

by December 18, 2018

Kyle Lowry isn’t sweating Kawhi Leonard‘s impending free agency.

Lowry says he’ll be happy with whatever decision Leonard ends up making this summer.

The All-Star point guard, who was deeply hurt by the DeMar DeRozan trade, adds that he doesn’t know if Toronto fits his teammate’s personality.

Per The Athletic:

“I’ve dealt with this before with DeMar — the speculation — and I will be happy for Kawhi Leonard when he makes his decision,” Lowry told The Athletic. “Nothing else matters but his happiness, and that’s how I am, because our brotherhood is too small for us to say this, that and the other (about another player’s free agency decision). Our brotherhood in the NBA is really tiny, and we really all appreciate and support and want each other happy. That’s where it is with me and that situation. I just want him to be happy.”

As for his read on whether Leonard is enjoying his time in Toronto?

“There’s no read,” Lowry continued. “We don’t have to read him, because he talks to us. He’s our teammate. He’s a guy we talk to every day. He’s awesome. He’s enjoying being back on the floor playing basketball at a high level. That’s what he’s really enjoying. I think he missed playing basketball last year, and I think people take that (for granted). When you lose the game for a little while, you’re like, ‘Man, that’s a tough thing.’ But when you get it back, it’s like, ‘Wow.’

“I don’t know (if Toronto fits him). That’s a question where his individualized personality is going to have to step in (and determine it).”

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