Kyrie Irving: Boston Celtics Could Use a ’15-Year Vet’

by November 12, 2018

Kyrie Irving says the struggling Celtics could benefit from the services of a 15-year NBA veteran.

Boston went 1-4 on its recent road trip, leading Irving to conclude that his squad is “not as good as we think we are.”

The C’s are coming off a 100-94 Sunday night loss in Portland, falling behind by at least 20 points for the third consecutive game.

Per the Boston Globe:

“We needed this,” point guard Kyrie Irving said. “We’re not as good as we think we are. I said it at the beginning of the season. The excitement is done. It’s real basketball now.”

After the game, Irving wondered if the Celtics might benefit from the presence of a 14- or 15-year veteran who could help them realize how long this season will be, and how much time there is to fix what is ailing them. Really, though, the Celtics have enough players with experience who should be able to do that.

“We have challenges,” Irving said. “We have barriers to get over as a team and individually. I’m going to be the most patient out of everyone. I’m not going to get too frazzled, too high or too low, or stuff like that. It’s a long season.

“I just understand that for us to be special we just have to get through some challenges.”

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