Kyrie Irving: ‘For Me, It’s Just Moving on to the Next Thing’

by May 09, 2019

Kyrie Irving shot 6-of-21 from the field and finished with 15 points in Game 5 against Milwaukee in the Celtics’ 116-91 season-ending loss Wednesday night, and he wasn’t exactly in the mood to discuss his future.

Irving, who is expected to opt out of the remaining year of his contract, told reporters he is “just moving on to the next thing” but wouldn’t expand on what’s next for him in Boston.

Head coach Brad Stevens shouldered the blame for the C’s disappointing season after being eliminated by the Bucks.

Per The Boston Herald:

“I’m going to be honest, I’m just trying to get back to Boston first, safely. See my family, decompress, do what human beings do,” he said.

Asked if he was disappointed, and if he will consider returning to the Celtics, Irving never quite got around to the second part of the question, saying, “Truth be told, it’s no time to be disappointed.

“You take your lessons, you take your ass-whipping that they handed us, and you move on. It’s a basketball journey. Obviously you want to keep playing, but they put a halt to that. They deserved this series, they wanted it, and I’m looking forward to seeing them go to the Eastern Conference finals and the next opponent. It was a great opponent for me to play against for the rest of my career because I know I won’t forget something like this, and the taste of defeat in this type of style, being down 1-4, I haven’t felt. For me, it’s just moving on to the next thing, and just seeing where that ends up.”

Whether that includes moving on to another city needs more time.

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