Kyrie Irving Laments Stephen Curry Moon Landing Controversy

by December 19, 2018

Kyrie Irving found the brouhaha over Stephen Curry‘s ill-fated joke about the moon landing being fake bothersome.

Irving says such incidents make it hard for athletes to speak their minds.

Curry vowed to take up NASA on their offer to visit their lunar lab in Houston.

Per the Boston Herald:

“I hate it has to be a subject of something like that where we’ve been taught science, taught in our classroom certain things, and then you get older and you start coming into things you have questions about,” he said. “It’s natural to do that as an adult, as a kid, anything like that. Sometimes I feel like even myself, you can speak ahead of yourself, whether or not you believe it or not, and you end up getting caught because you’re on this false platform of a thing where you’re not even a human being anymore.

“You’re now extrapolated for all the information that you know and think, and now you have to fit a mold of something that you’re clearly not,” said Irving. “You’re more than just a basketball player that puts it in the hoop, and they subject you to being just that. It’s a little unfair at times. Obviously we’re not as educated in terms of schooling, in terms of knowledge of going to school and university as everyone.”

Irving admitted that moments like Curry’s moon comment, or his own flat earth moment, can be preserved beyond normal shelf life thanks to social media.

“Look at what social media has done nowadays. I don’t like to say anything on Twitter, but one thing someone says with a check next to their name is the biggest thing going,” he said. “Nothing is really original. It’s just history repeating itself all over again. We’ve had people in history say some things that they believe and they’ve stuck with their whole entire lives, whether they be prominent individuals in society or not.

“I try to not pay attention to that mold at all. I try not to pay attention to whether it is insulting or not. I don’t live my life based on biases or judgments,” he said. “It’s society, though. We live in America where people say (expletive deleted) all the time about one another. It’s mean, bad, kids see it, everyone gets a piece of it. Then it’s the next story, the next thing that is coming out of someone’s mouth. There’s world hunger going on, there’s political things going on, there’s so many higher things going on in the totem pole of society that matter to human beings. But, hey, Steph Curry says he doesn’t believe in the moon. It’s on CNN and they say that we’re just jocks. We’re just athletes. But it’s on your channel. So you know what I mean? Like we’re that but you don’t want us to be that. So whoever you is, then I don’t know what that mold is you want me to be in.”

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