Lakers and Clippers Going After Gilbert This Summer?

by March 19, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

There’s a reason we have a News&Rumors column around here.

A report has come out claiming that LA’s two pro franchises are gonna make a strong push to acquire the biggest fish in the free agent pool this summer: Gilbert Arenas.

They value (Caron) Butler and Antawn Jamison at least as much, probably more at this point,” the source said. “They want to build the team around them.” .

The source added, “That doesn’t mean the Wizards will let Arenas walk for nothing. But if the Lakers and Clippers push for him as much as expected, it’s likely to result in a sign-and-trade.”

Phil Jackson is undoubtedly a brilliant coach, and has made a career out of corralling massive egos and getting them to work (and win big) together, but dealing with a Kobe/Arenas backcourt might be asking a little too much of the Zen Master.

Should Gil decide to leave Washington after this season, the Clip Show would be a pretty ideal situation for him. He’s an LA guy after all, and if anyone was born to play in Hollywood, it’s Arenas.