Larry Brown Wants to Get His Hands on Antonio McDyess

by November 20, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Following the AI/Billups trade, Antonio McDyess refused to re-don a Nugget uniform, and ever since, it seems that virtually every team in the L has made some type of attempt to acquire his services.

So far, none have succeeded, and the prevailing wisdom is that he’ll eventually re-sign with the Pistons (even though the Cavs are reportedly offering the most amount of money).

Before that happens, though, Larry Brown and the Bobcats would like to be heard, and McDyess is apparently willing to listen to their sales pitch.

From the Charlotte Observer:

“He would be perfect for this team,” Brown said. “He’s an underrated defender, he can make a shot and he is the best teammate.”

“He’s a really sensitive kid,” Brown said, “so I’m a little nervous about joining the ranks of people telling him what to do.”

Larry Brown will not only teach you how to play “the right way”, but he’ll also look out for your emotional needs. What’s not to love?

The reality is that Brown and McDyess were very close in Detroit, to the point where some jokingly referred to Antonio as Larry’s “second son”. In other words, don’t rule this out.