LaVar Ball Blames Lakers’ Trainer for Lonzo’s Injuries

by May 25, 2018
lonzo ball gunnar peterson lavar

LaVar Ball says Lakers trainer Gunnar Peterson‘s workouts are to blame for his son Lonzo‘s injury woes last season.

Lonzo missed 30 games his rookie season due to injury.

In an interview with HoopsHype’s Alex Kennedy, LaVar claimed that Lonzo never sustained a major injury before he trained using Peterson’s techniques.

“If you’re going to be doing those [workouts with] rubber-bands like that dude Gunnar has him doing, that [is] bullsh*t training. That’s what I call it.

“Sh*t, he wasn’t like that when I brought him over there. When he first came [to the Lakers], he never got hurt. He was never hurt.” […]

“Now, you’ve got these guys talking about, ‘Well, I’ve got this special workout for Lonzo…’ No! Lonzo’s gotta lift that pig iron, that real iron, and he’s gotta run some hills. That’s stuff they don’t have him doing.”

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